2021 news from the Order

  15.12.21   The Installation Meeting of Warlingham Conclave
  14.12.21   The OSM Christmas Party 2021
  21.09.21   An Executive Visit to Hill of Zion Conclave
  09.09.21   Grand Ranks 2021
  03.08.21   Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Conclave
  08.07.21   A Special Day for Warlingham Conclave
  17.05.21   2021 Christmas Dinner and Dance
  10.05.21   Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Conclave of Surrey
  07.05.21   A Visit to South Wales and Monmouthshire
  28.04.21   Hill of Zion Conclave Virtual Business Meeting
  26.04.21   A Joint Communication from the Progressive Orders in Surrey - lifting the suspension of Masonic meetings
  07.04.21   A Virtual Business Meeting of Warlingham Conclave
  30.03.21   Resumption of Masonic meetings
  05.01.21   In Memoriam of Brian Clifford Wareham
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