History Heading
On 25th January 2012 on an Official Visit to Hill of Zion Conclave No 270 the Grand Supreme Ruler, M.Wy. Bro.

Michael Guest announced that he was appointing V.Wy. Bro. Laurence James Young PGV as Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler in succession to R.Wy. Bro. Mik Barnes. The announcement was met with rapturous applause from the Brethren present.

At a meeting of Waverley Conclave No 381 on 30th January 2012, V.Wy. Bro. Laurie announced that he will appoint V.Wy. Bro. Lionel Broadbent Mee G. Treas as his Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler.

The date of the Installation will be announced shortly.

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