Scarlet Cord Heading
Since the consecration of Scarlet Cord Conclave No 500 in London in December 2006, marking the revival of the Order of the Scarlet Cord, its growth has been phenomenal. Many Scarlet Cord conclaves have been formed in the British Isles and in other parts of the world.

Such has been its success that it was decided that the Order should become a separate sovereign body with its own constitutions and regulations. To that end the Order, known as The Ancient and Masonic Order of the Scarlet Cord, was inaugurated on 21 July 2010. A full description of the Order, its history, its present structure, its provinces & districts, officers, etc will be found at the main website:

Within the OSM Province of Surrey, three Scarlet Cord conclaves were consecrated, namely, the Scarlet Cord Conclave of Surrey No 518 on 17 July 2008, the Hill of Zion Scarlet Cord Conclave No 562 and the Guildford Scarlet Cord Conclave No 563 both on 14 June 2010. On 21 July 2010 these became, respectively, Surrey Consistory No 4, Hill of Zion Consistory No 52, and Guildford Consistory No 53 and form the new Scarlet Cord Province, known as the Provincial Grand Senatus of Surrey.

The first meeting of the new Province was held on Thursday 29 July 2010 at Surbiton Masonic Hall. It was by followed by the postponed installation meeting of the Surrey Consistory No 4.

A website for the new Province has been set up and can be viewed by clicking here.

R Wy Bro Laurie Young
Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler