Hill of Zion Conclave Meeting 28th January 2015

The Conclave continued in its expansion with the Joining of Alastair Richardson and the Induction of Bernard Ezekwem in a fine ceremony by the Supreme Ruler, R Wy Bro Ian Currans..

The Secrets were communicated by R Wy Bro Brian Wareham, senior member of the Conclave. Four Honorary Members were present, and participating were R Wy Bro Terry Cooke (acting as Counsellor), R Wy Bro Laurie Young, Prov GSR, who explained the weapons, and R Wy Mik Barnes, PProvGSR, who delivered the Address to the Candidate. (Bro Bernard had innocently introduced an innovation into the ritual which has been widely reported.) The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler welcomed Bro Bernard into the Order.

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