A Candidates’ View

I have known the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler for Surrey, R.Wy.Bro. Laurie Young, for many years and for most of that time Laurie has been encouraging me to come into the Order of the Secret Monitor.

Although very interested in the history of Masonry and the other orders I always made the excuse that I was too busy with my other Masonic duties to join yet another Order. However, lately I began thinking that if I did not join soon I may never have the opportunity to experience these lovely Orders. With Laurie’s help I looked for a Conclave where the meeting dates would not clash with my other Masonic commitments and came across Warlingham Conclave No 291 which meets at Nutfield. It was nice also that the Secretary was John Bryant, another old friend.

To my pleasant surprise I knew most of the members and their guests in the Council from Mark and other orders. Another pleasant surprise was that the Council was receiving an official visit from the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler and a good number of Provincial Grand Officers.

Warlingham Conclave

My fellow candidate was Bro. James Walker. Bro James had been raised 9 months earlier so has obviously not waited as long as I to join the Order of Secret Monitor. In fact James was going to be Exalted into Royal Arch the following Saturday and will be Advanced into my Mark Lodge, Richmond No 808, in January when we shall be honoured by a visit from the Provincial Grand Master.

We both had a splendid ceremony conducted by Wy Bro John French supported by his Officers. It did seem strange to be a candidate again, but the ceremony we went through that afternoon made me better understand and appreciate these Orders.

Warlingham Conclave

After our Induction, the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, R.Wy.Bro. Lionel Mee presented a Grand Conclave Certificate to Bro. Alastair Richardson in a very sincere manner.

To round off a truly memorable day we all sat down to a splendid meal at the Redhill and Reigate Masonic Centre at Nutfield.

Article and photos by Chris Eley

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