Hill of Zion Conclave No 270
The Conclave was honoured by an Official Visit from R Wy Bro Lionel Mee, PGG, Deputy Provincial Supreme Ruler, at its Installation meeting on 18th September.

Further honoured, indeed, by R Wy Bro Mik Barnes acting as Counsellor, having paid an Official Visit to the Hill of Zion Consistory at its greatly successful meeting (at which six new Companions joined the Ancient and Masonic Order of the Scarlet Cord) immediately preceding the Conclave. There were 21 present.

The passing of R Wy Bro Ted Smith to the Grand Conclave Above was acknowledged as a sad loss to Freemasonry, particularly in Surrey. R Wy Bro Ian Currans had agreed to stay in the Chair for a further year, and was proclaimed accordingly. W Bros Dan Turner and Eustace Thompson-Shaw were appointed Counsellor and Guide respectively.

A well-attended and largely irreverent Festive Board followed.

F L Powell, Secretary
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