Surbiton Conclave Meeting -
4th September 2014

At the regular meeting on Thursday 4th September 2014 at Surbiton Masonic Hall, we were honoured to be joined by Provincial Grand Visitor, Wy. Bro. Leslie Grout who was welcomed by the Supreme Ruler Wy. Bro. David Blackburn.

A new member, Martin Baker, was balloted for and Inducted into the Conclave, bringing our subscribing members to a total of 29. The Supreme Ruler Wy.Bro. David Blackburn conducted the Ceremony and gave the Address to the newly Inducted Brother, in an exemplary manner.

Minutes before the meeting started Wy. Bro. Louis Keats volunteered to step in as Director of Ceremonies, which he carried out in a very satisfactory manner. Bro. Nigel Harding and Bro. Steven Rowlands deputised for the 1st & 2nd Visiting Deacons respectively. The explanation of the Weapons was given by Wy. Bro. Colin Beerling.

R.Wy. Bro. LJ Young PGSR, presented Wy. Bro. David Blackburn with his Commissioning Certificate and also presented Bro. David Thompson, Bro. Steven Rowlands & Bro. Nigel Harding with their Grand Conclave Certificates.

Wy. Bro. David Blackburn closed the Conclave in due form at 6.30pm. At the Festive Board, 18 Brethren enjoyed an excellent meal.

The next meeting of the Conclave will be held on Thursday 11th December 2014.

Wy. Bro. CM Beerling, Secretary

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