Waverley Conclave Meeting - 11th July 2014

Don't Panic Mr Mainwaring!

At the meeting of Waverley Conclave 381 on Friday 11th July, the members had the unusual, but nevertheless the great pleasure, of performing the Princes degree for a brother from another Conclave. Bro. Alastair Richardson from Warlingham Conclave was keen to join the Hill of Zion Scarlet Cord Consistory, but as his Conclave was not meeting before their next meeting, Waverley Conclave manfully obliged.

The meeting was well managed by the SR, Wy. Bro. Peter Dack, who received his Commissioning Certificate from Rt. Wy. Bro. Laurie Young, PGSR, but the ceremony itself was performed at extremely short notice by Wy. Bro. Jack Love. What could have been a disaster turned into a triumph thanks to Wy.Bro. Jack Love.

The first thing Bro. Jack knew of his fate was when he arrived at the meeting and was ambushed by the Secretary. However, being the stalwart that Jack is (that's a compliment by the way!) and his infinite capacity to jump into things at the drop of a hat, he sat out the start of the meeting and in no time at all had refreshed the ritual.

He performed it in an excellent manner, as we all knew he would and was ably assisted by the Conclave's Counsellor, Wy. Bro. Ernest Niel who took the usual role of Abishai, but also delivered the lecture, again in excellent manner.

20 attended the meeting, including Rt. Wy. Bro. Laurie Young, Wy. Bro. Steve Harvey, Prov.G.Sentinel, a guest of Bro. Alastair and Wy. Bro. Ivan Thorne, PGV.

Wy Bro David Shelton, Secretary

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