Provincial Grand Supreme Rulers Address -
24th May 2014
Very Dear Brethren,

We now move into my third year as your Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, I can only say it gets better.

My congratulations to all those who have received honours today, every one of you has worked hard for your Conclave and for the Province and are well deserving of your appointments. In your capacity as Provincial Officers you are invited to join both Lionel and myself when we undertake Official Visits. The Provincial Recorder will keep you informed of the details of these and they will also be put on the web site.

I take this opportunity on behalf of Lionel and myself to thank all of last years Officers together with the Arch of Steel for their support, it was brilliant. I also thank you all for your support today, you have made it without doubt another day for not only us but for you also to remember.

Today we have with us many honoured guests from all over the Country, I am delighted to be able to reciprocate the kind hospitality that they have extended to us when we visit their Provinces. I would like to reiterate that any of you who would like to join us on our visits to other Provinces please tell our Provincial Recorder and he will keep you informed of pending meetings.

During my visits to our Conclaves I have been delighted with the Visiting Deacons. All our Conclaves now have a Scroll Bearer whose additional duty is to liaise with the Visiting Deacons, this has proved very successful with the Visiting Deacons sending their reports on their charges to him should they be unable to attend a meeting, thus relieving the Secretary of extra work. We must not forget that it’s the office of Visiting Deacon that distinguishes our Order from others.

Without exception the happiness and enjoyment displayed during the meetings and at the festive boards was fantastic. This is what makes our Order one of the few that continues to grow. It’s your enthusiasm that encourages new members, I thank you all for this.

I attended the Heads of Orders in Surrey Meeting hosted by the Provincial Grand Master of the Craft, once more it was good to have been able to say that the OSM in Surrey was thriving and that all my Conclaves were vibrant and happy, what more can one ask for?

We have had an outstanding year together and I look forward to the coming year where we can continue to build on the solid foundations of our Conclaves and see them grow. We have now reached a point where I have decided that we can look to Consecrating another Conclave, you will be kept informed of developments by your Secretaries and the web site.
The web site is there for you all to use, please send any articles including photos you would like to have put on the site to Lionel and Len for them to contact our web master Wy Bro. Bob Tuthill to who we owe a debt of gratitude. Bob and his team are brilliant and it would not be possible without them.

We have a tremendous asset in the Scarlet Cord, at present over 50% of our members have joined the Scarlet Cord. The one and only qualification is that you must be a Prince in the OSM.

Today’s meeting would not have been possible without the sterling work of Len, Trevor and Ian, on behalf of Lionel and myself and all the members of the Province we thank you, it’s been fantastic. Brethren last year we had Trevor looking at his watch, with me avoiding his glaze. I thought that now we have a new Director of Ceremonies that would not be the case but wrong, I look in Ian’s direction and the look says it all, I look the other way, well need I say more.

Before I bring my address to a close I must thank you all for the time, effort and enthusiasm you have devoted to your Conclaves, the Secretaries, Treasurers the Visiting Deacons (who epitomize of our Order) and all of you. I wish each and every one of you health and strength throughout the coming year to enjoy your Order to the full.

R Wy Bro Laurie Young, Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler

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