Meeting of Surbiton Conclave No 299 - 12th December 2013
Thursday 12th December 2013 was very special for Surbiton Conclave No 299 in the OSM. RWyBro Laurence James Young contributed to a ‘Fantastic’ meeting where four Heads of Orders were present and one RIll Kt Robert W Hancock Intendant-General in The Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine was one of 5 new members.

All the Officers except three were present and no less than three RWyBros took part in the ceremony. WyBro Len H Hillier Supreme Ruler ably assisted by WyBro Colin M Beerling Inducted Bros Robert William Hancock, Nigel Paul Harding, Steven Richard Leonard Rowlands and David Thomas into the 1st Degree of the Order. RWyBro Laurie Young ProvGSR gave the explanation of the Weapons and RWyBro Mik Barnes PProvGSR gave the Address. Bro Simon McCarthy was also voted a Joining Member.

Six Past Supreme Rulers were also present giving a total of some 36 in the Temple. In the absence of any Brother requiring a ballot WyBro Len declared Bro David J Blackburn Supreme Ruler Elect and Raymond SH Hussey elected Treasurer
The Conclave was closed in due form at 7:00 pm

At the festive Board 25 Brethren repaired to dine in friendship and perfect harmony, where the usual loyal toasts were conducted

D R W May, Secretary

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