Meeting of Waverley Conclave No 381
Monday 16th September was a red letter day for members of Waverley Conclave 381. Our meeting was graced with the presence of V. Wy. Geoffrey Glover, Grand Visitor. He had travelled all the way from Preston to be with us, so it was important that we made his visit worthwhile. Attendance at the meeting was unfortunately a little lower than usual, but with the reliable kindness of our regular Visitors, we filled all the offices.

The Supreme Ruler, Wy. Bro. Alastair Mackenzie gave an excellent demonstration of the ceremony of Induction, assisted by Wy. Bro. James Sacré who explained the weapons of a Secret Monitor.
Our Grand Visitor recalled a visit to the Godalming Centre some years earlier when he had taken part in the consecration of Godalming Council in the Allied Masonic Degrees, so he was in familiar surroundings. By chance also, the Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies of Hampshire was a visitor and they remembered each other from that occasion.
Afterwards 14 brethren dined in great friendship and harmony and proceedings were concluded with Scott Joplin’s Magnetic Rag, performed at the piano by Wy. Bro. David Shelton, Provincial Grand Organist and Secretary of the Conclave.
V. Wy. Geoffrey Glover thanked all the brethren for a most enjoyable time. He was safely delivered back to his hotel for a well earned rest prior to moving on to Wales the following day for yet another official visit. Goodness, how these Grand Visitors get around!

D Shelton, Secretary

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