Meeting of Surbiton Conclave No 299
WyBro Len H Hillier opened the Conclave at 5:03 pm on Thursday 5th September and the Warrant was exhibited. The WyBro SR welcomed the Acting OV WyBro LM Keats and other visitors and members.

RWyBro MF Barnes gave a brief Eulogy and the Brethren stood in silence to the departed merit of RWyBro Rev N B Cryer who was an Hon Member and passed to the Almighty Friend of all Friends on 2nd July 2013. The circulated minutes were confirmed by the brethren and signed by theWyBro SR. The Scroll Bearer WyBro LM Keats called the Muster Roll and the Visiting Deacons presented their reports.

RWyBro LJ Young PGSR presented WyBro LH Hillier with his Commissioning Certificate and Bro MD Wilson with his Grand Conclave Certificate. The WyBro SR thanked the RWyBro PGSR for his excellent presentations.

WyBro J Knox was invested as Chaplain; WyBro DRW May as Secretary and Bro MD Wilson as 3rd VD WyBro LH Hillier (DAVID) ably assisted by WyBro J Knox (JONATHON) RWyBro MF Barnes (ABISHAI) and RWyBro LJ Young (ADINO) conferred the Princes Degree on Bros G Hancock and KB Waller. WyBro LM Keats acted as DC and gave the Lecture.

WyBro LH Hillier then closed the Conclave in due form at 7:00 pm. At the Festive Board Ten Brethren retired to dine in harmony, where the usual Loyal Toasts were conducted

D R W May, Secretary

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