In Memoriam

Very dear brethren, every year we lose one or more of our number to the Grand Conclave above.

We pray the Almighty Friend of Friends to take the souls of our departed very dear Brethren into his holy keeping, that they may dwell in peace with Thee in the Grand Conclave Above, in that House Eternal not made with hands. We thank Almighty God for their contributions to their families, the community, Freemasonry and to this Order of the Secret Monitor in particular.

They lived respected and died regretted.

R.Wy. Bro. Louis Keats DepGChap
Provincial Grand Chaplain

      Name Conclave Born   Died
  Wy.Bro   John Marshall PGStB Waverley 381 11.05.40   02.24
  V.Wy.Bro.   Louis Keats Honorary Member Surbiton 299 23.02.44   27.11.23
  Bro   Robert Woolloff Surbiton 299 09.02.48   16.06.23
  R.Wy.Bro.   Brian Page Pride of Surrey 118 14.02.32   27.02.23
  Wy.Bro.   Laurie Young Surbiton 299 31.12.47   05.10.22
  V.Wy.Bro.   Michael Mullaly Warlingham 291 15.04.27   28.08.22
  Wy.Bro.   Alfred Arnold Artington 595 22.01.52   07.04.22
  R.Wy.Bro.   Brian Wareham, PDepGSR Hill of Zion 270 01.07.46   29.12.20
  Wy.Bro.   Duncan Bell Surbiton 299 / Artington 595 / ELJ Smith 613 12.07.47   22.09.20
  Bro.   Michael Frangos Hill of Zion 270 06.06.46   12.05.20
  Wy.Bro.   John Rice, PProvGCoun Pride of Surrey 118 24.04.31   03.04.20
  Bro.   John Dean Artington 595 07.07.37   21.01.20
  Bro.   Alan Gosling Waverley 381 05.09.32   03.10.19
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