Official visit to Artington Conclave No.595

Dear Brethren,

Please be advised that on my Official visit to Artington Conclave No.595 at Guildford Masonic centre on the 5th September 2022, there will be two important parts to this meeting.

The first will be the installation of Bro Ian Neve as Supreme Ruler of Artington Conclave for the ensuing year. Following on, there will also be the installation of Wy Bro Ian Bloodworth as the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler.

I strongly request that all Provincial Officers, as well as members of the Arch of Steel make every effort to attend this important meeting. I would also encourage all other Brethren to attend and support Bro Ian Neve and Wy Bro Ian Bloodworth on this important occasion.

I will also take this opportunity to appoint and invest any Provincial Officers who were not able to attend the Provincial meeting on the 11th June 2022.

You will be advised in due course of the rehearsal and meeting start times.

Yours sincerely & fraternally,

R. Wy.Bro. Colin M Beerling
PGSR – Province of Surrey

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