Address by the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler to the 2021 Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Conclave

For the first 10 months of our first year, myself and Paul adjusted to our new positions fairly well, as any new position takes time to get used to. There were new candidates being inducted, along with lots of other ceremonies, as well as official meetings and visiting other Provinces, which were very enjoyable. On behalf of myself and Paul, I would like to thank you all for your support and your guidance.

There were a few meetings that took place, but only 6 brethren were allowed to attend, however we managed to install 2 Supreme Rulers. There have been a few zoom meetings, which obviously helped with the admin side of things, as well as keeping in touch with those who could attend.

During the 2-year period, we had 6 brethren pass on to higher service, but we also had 8 new candidates join. Figures have kept quite even, so in some respects we were very lucky. We also have 7/8 new candidates waiting to join, so there should be a definite rise in the membership numbers during this term.

The website is now fully up and running, with lots of new features and articles. Also, we have introduced a new monthly newsletter called The Surrey Arrow. This started in April 2021, and it seems to be a very popular addition. My thanks to Wy Bro Chris Eley, who puts the whole thing together. This has had some very interesting articles in the issues, contributed by various brethren. When the meetings start up again, I encourage the conclave Secretaries to do a small report, accompanied with a photo, which can be passed to Chris Eley and he will include it in the next issue.

ELJ Smith is an installed Supreme Rulers conclave that meets once a year. An installation meeting takes place, after which a Ceremony of Mourning is performed, in respect to brethren who have passed away. All brethren can attend the ceremony, although you must be a member to take part.

As you know the Scarlet Cord is our sister order of the OSM. There are 4 consistories in the Province. The ceremonies/grades are very interesting, and you only have to complete your Princes degree to be eligible to join. There is a new representative in the OSM, Wy Bro Len Hillier, who you can speak to if you have any questions. Also Wy Bro Chris Eley, Provincial Grand Recorder, will assist you if required. I strongly recommend you give the Scarlet Cord some consideration.

Unfortunately we had to postpone the OSM Dinner and Dance event last year due to Covid. This has now been re-scheduled to take place on the 27th November 2021 at the Reigate Manor Hotel. It is always a fun event, with a guest singer, good food and an excellent raffle, which generates a lot of money for charity. The capacity is for 160 attendees and at the moment we are up to 110. Should you wish to attend, please get in contact with Wy Bro Alan Brockwell - or you can go to our website, where you can find more information.

I’ve been giving some thought to new ideas for recruiting new members into our Order. The Grand Recorder has reduced the Grand Conclave fees so it could not be a better time to join. Remember that they only have to be a Master Mason to join our Order. I welcome any comments or ideas you have as to encourage recruitment.

Brethren, once again I thank you for your attendance today and for listening to my address. I look forward to your company at the reception and festive board. Keep well and safe and may the Almighty Friend of all Friends be with us all.

Colin M Beerling
Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler
23rd July 2021

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