The Installation Meeting of Warlingham Conclave

The first meeting of Warlingham Conclave since the change in Government and MMH guidelines took place at Nutfield on the 29th September 2020 with six Brethren present including our Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, R.Wy.Bro. Colin Beerling.

The Conclave was opened by the Acting Supreme Ruler, R.Wy.Bro. Michael Barnes, Past Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, who welcomed the Officers and thanked them for attending the meeting. Our Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler was saluted with seven under the direction of the Director of Ceremonies, Wy.Bro. Ian Clark.

After the Dispensation was read by the Secretary, Bro Chris Eley was installed as Supreme Ruler by R.Wy.Bro. Michael Barnes, assisted by R.Wy.Bro. Colin Beerling, Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, who gave the Address to the Supreme Ruler, as well the Lecture on The Weapons, both in a faultless manner.

The Officers of the Consistory were appointed and those present were invested. R.Wy.Bro. Colin Beerling, and R.Wy.Bro. Michael Barnes congratulated Wy.Bro. Chris and wished him a successful, if rather unusual, year.

The Installation Meeting of Warlingham Conclave

The Conclave then voted to make Wy.Bro. Michael Banbury, P.A.G.D.C., an honorary member of the Conclave in recognition for all his support over the years.

After the meeting everyone said how good it was to get together again, which proved that even under the current restrictions a meaningful ceremony can still be conducted.

The Installation Meeting of Warlingham Conclave

Thanks to the team at Nutfield for all their hard work in ensuring we stayed safe while at the Redhill and Reigate Masonic Centre.

Article and photos by Chris Eley


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