Official Visits 2020/21

Date Conclave Ceremony Official Visitor Escorting Officer Prov G Visitor
03.09.20 Surbiton 299 Induction Paul Fitzgerald Ian Bloodworth Steven Harvey
07.09.20 Artington 595 Princes Paul Fitzgerald Simon Mccarthy Alan Boniface
17.09.20 Hill Of Zion 270 Installation Paul Fitzgerald Chris Hatton Len Hillier
29.09.20 Warlingham 291 Installation Colin Beerling Simon Mccarthy Alan Boniface
13.10.20 Pride Of Surrey 118 Induction Colin Beerling Ian Bloodworth Len Hillier
29.03.21 Waverley 381 Installation Colin Beerling Ian Bloodworth Alan Brockwell


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