General Guidance for meeting during Covid-19 restrictions

General Guidance for meeting during Covid-19 restrictions

The following guidelines have been put together to assist members of all the Orders administered from Mark Masons’ Hall to return to meeting when they feel it is safe to do so, working in peace and harmony while observing Government requirements. Ultimately, this should lead us all to be able to enjoy our Freemasonry once again during this 'new normal'.

Compliance with all relevant Government requirements is essential, and any deliberate disregard of such requirements should be regarded as activity which may bring Freemasonry into disrepute.

Guidelines specific to each Masonic Centre must also be followed and if they render any part of the following ceremonial guidance impracticable please follow the Centre’s guidance and seek ceremonial advice from your Province or District.

For the purposes of these guidelines it is assumed that the Masonic Centre where the meeting is to take place will already have a robust cleaning schedule and Covid-19 working policy in place which will advise on general use of the facilities and movement around the building.

There is considerable scope for local variation in the management of a meeting, but the following points are strongly recommended and should be capable of being easily integrated into most workings.

At all times the dignity of the ceremonial and the reputation of the Order must be the primary consideration. Local settings may require a common-sense approach to the problem.

I do hope you will find these general guidance notes helpful, noting that certain restrictions apply in the Red Cross of Constantine and Allied Masonic Degrees for the time being.

This guidance is designed to assist the resumption of masonic meetings in a safe environment and with the minimum alterations to the ritual necessary to preserve the dignity of the ceremonial.

With fraternal regards and best wishes.

Ryan A Williams
R.W.Bro. Ryan A Williams, P.G.J.W.
Grand Secretary

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