Ceremonial Guidance for meeting During Covid-19 restrictions

Ceremonial Guidance for meeting During Covid-19 restrictions

The arrows if to be used are cleaned and the V.D.s have access to sanitized wipes to hold them.

Ceremony – Opening a Conclave
The section where the Guide perambulates asking for the Word, should be omitted. The VSL is placed open on the Ezel, by the Brother setting out the Conclave. The Candidate should bring his own VSL for the Obligation and it be presented to him on a cushion at the appropriate moment.

Ceremony – Closing a Conclave
When the Supreme Ruler and Counsellor exchanges the token, that it is done from the S.R’s Chair and the Counsellor’s place, (without moving) and spoken aloud.

Ceremony of Induction The Candidate prepares himself for the Ceremony.

The Challenge by the Guarder is conducted with social distancing and the tip of arrow is at least 6 inches away from the Candidate.

At the point where the Candidate would normally kneel, the V.D.s are behind the Candidate and the arrows are towards the Candidate and symbolically over his head.

The steps to the Ezel are demonstrated and undertaken, observing social distance. The Candidates personal VSL is brought to the Candidate on a cushion.

During the Obligation, the V.D.s’ arrows are not within six inches of the Candidate on the HG and the arrows are used symbolically over his head or towards the chest.

When the arrows are fired, again social distancing is observed and the V.D. who collects the arrows, should use a sanitized wipe to hold them.

The exchange of the token and word should be explained and not demonstrated. The word should be spoken, not whispered in the ear.

The Jewel, Book of Constitutions etc., should be in a sealed envelope to be given to the Candidate, after the Ceremony. The Explanation of the Weapons can be delivered but without holding them.

Ceremony - Installation of a Supreme Ruler
The Obligation by the Supreme Ruler Elect, as with the Induction, should be conducted using the individuals own VSL. The Presentation of the S.R. can be undertaken by the D.C., provided social distancing is observed.

Following the Obligation, the S.R. Elect is seated.

During the Convocation part of the Ceremony, the Supreme Ruler is invited to take the Chair, and not escorted by the Installing Officer.

The ‘Word’ should be spoken by the Installing Officer, who should be distanced from the S.R., (suggest standing in the East, in front of the Chair).

From this position the Sign can be explained, demonstrated and the Word given. The Past S.R.s should stay in the seats, but standing, to Salute the S.R.

Re-entry of the Princes, the Commissioning.
The Commissioning of the Supreme Ruler should be postponed and undertaken at a later time.

The Appointment of the Officers of the 2nd Degree can be read out by the Secretary, and the Brethren, once Appointed by the Supreme Ruler, make their way directly to their places and do not shake hands with the S.R. (no sash is Invested).

The taking of meat and wine after the Commissioning should not be undertaken. The Address by the P.G.S.R./C.O./I.O. can be delivered as normal, from the West, taking into consideration the distance from the V.D.s.

The Presentation of the Weapons can be delivered without touching or holding them.

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