The meeting of Artington Conclave No. 595

The meeting of Artington Conclave No. 595At the regular meeting of the Conclave held at Guildford on 19th June we were honoured by the presence of V Wy Bro Boon Sin Tan, Grand Visitor who is charged with reporting on the health and well being of Conclaves throughout the jurisdiction of the Grand Conclave of England.

Our numbers were further enhanced by the attendance of Rt Wy Bro Laurie Young, Prov GSR, his Deputy, Wy Bro Colin Beerling and a number of Officers from the Province of Surrey who came unofficially and therefore for the love of the Order. During the meeting, we welcomed as a new member, Gordon Stewart who will have been impressed with the excellent Induction performed by Wy Bro Barrie Selway on behalf of the Supreme Ruler. Wy Bro Jack Love and Wy Bro Ian Smith have reflected further honour on the Council by becoming Gold Grand Patrons of the Secret Monitor Benevolent Fund and the accompanying photo shows them receiving the award from The Prov GSR in the company of his Deputy and the Grand Visitor.


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