Grand Ranks 2016

R Wy Bro Laurence Young, Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler for Surrey, is delighted to announce that the following members of the Province are to be honoured by the Most Worthy Grand Supreme Ruler with Promotions and Appointments in Grand Rank at the Annual Meeting of Grand Conclave on Tuesday, 8th November 2016

Active Grand Officers for 2016-2017
  R Wy Bro Trevor Currans Grand Guide (Re-Appointment) *
  V Wy Bro Louis Keats Deputy Grand Chaplain (Re-Appointment) *

Promotions in Grand Rank
  Wy Bro Raymond S H Hussey Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

First Appointment to Grand Rank
  Wy Bro Paul Fitzgerald Past Grand Sword Bearer
  Wy Bro Leslie Grout Past Grand Standard Bearer
  Wy Bro Robert Tuthill Past Grand Standard Bearer
*Direct appointment

All Brethren in the Province offer their heartiest congratulations to these Brethren who have been honoured for their commitment and contribution to the Order.


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